Christa Jo Glass

About the Artist

About the Artist...


Christa graduated from Franklin Pierce University in 2014 with a Fine Arts Degree concentrating in Stained Glass.  It was there that she experimented with traditional clove oil painting techniques to embellish her already intricately detailed copper foil panel work. Taking advantage of every resource her University had to offer she further explored her passion for glass by learning handblown, lampworking, and kilnformed techniques. Although Stained Glass was her first love it was not until Christa unloaded her first kiln firing that she fell in love with the limitless possibilities that warm glass had to offer. 

While she was at college it was also there where Christa discovered her passion for the environment and sustainable habits. Christa received a sustainability certificate and even attended one of the annual sustainability conferences. She began to adopt many sustainable habits into her


Nowadays, Christa can be found working in her home studio located in her families former dairy barn in North Haven, CT. Most likely dreaming up what she can melt next in her solar powered glass kilns. 

In her solar powered barn-turned-studio, Christa practices stained and kiln formed glass techniques. Her current work examines the relationship between art and nature, mingling environmental elements with vibrant colors and defined structural forms. She has furthered this art-nature connection by creating works that are meant to live outdoors, such as glass flowers and mushroom garden stakes. 

With a love for all things vibrants, I am drawn to the unique way that light plays with colors in glass. My work is a balance between crisp colorful lines and organic natural forms. I enjoy creating intricate patterns using simple geometric shapes, but also love experimenting by giving away artistic control to the unknown within a kiln firing.

My current work focuses on the relationship between art and nature. I bring natural elements into my glass by creating real leaf fossils using a special fusing technique called Fossil Vitra. Additionally, I have been creating art specifically made for the outdoors with my glass flowers and mushroom garden stakes.